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Carol Le​e Sampson

                                       Music to make a difference


(brand new song demo)

This song just came to me, totally out of the blue I was drying myself after a bath recently!!

I scribbled down the line ‘audience of one’ knowing it was a seed.

Ultimately I write songs as an expression, an outlet - a communication of my heart & feelings about things in or around me.

As a songwriter, I want to draw people into the story I’m telling- so they can resonate with the message it’s conveying, for them to be touched in some way, & for it to make a difference for that short time whilst they’re listening. ....

This song sums up my heart that even if a song blesses just one person, then it has done it’s job, & I’m happy!


It is now two years since I attended the funeral of a local homeless man who I had befriended. The church was packed with so many people! That's when the seed for this song came - it struck me in that moment, that his life had started out just as any other ordinary boy! Our lives are steered by the choices we make....let’s learn to choose wisely.

RIP Joby Boy. X 


(Live in Lockdown) Vol 1

This song was written after a season  where I had been through many changes,  Sometimes we disappoint ourselves through making unwise choices, which then have permanent consequences! Even my faith was shaken and tested during this time, but as I looked back, I could see that God was always there! He remains faithful! 



Oh the wind blows cold, on a dusky morning

These deserted sands see a new day dawning

At this shore

Leaves me wanting more

When the tide is high, & the wind it lashes

And I taste the air, as the sea it crashes

To the shore

Leaves me wanting more

Have your faded dreams left your soul so empty

Lift your eyes to see there is hope a-plenty

At this shore

To leave you wanting more


Oh I live to care

To capture the essence

As if you were there with me

Not for my eyes alone,

This vision

This passion for the life that I know

Is my song

For an audience of one.

When the sun goes down that same roaring ocean

Now gives peace and rest in it’s gentle motion

At this shore

Leaves me wanting more

 Oh these days are hard, so now more than ever

We need songs of hope, bringing us together

To this shore

To leave us wanting more…


A spontaneous song that I sang out at a Christian camp where I was leading worship at, many years ago, but only recently has been  made available to purchase on my album 'Eyes on You'. This has been having an impact on Youtube, with many views growing daily! 

The Presence of God was so tangible at this worship meeting, & you can sense it still on this track, all these years later!


I heard the tragic news of the death of Joby, (a homeless man I had befriended) on Christmas Day, huddled, & all alone, in a shop doorway! A few days later, I sat down & wrote this song - it was an outpouring of sadness! I am grateful to be able to express my emotions through a song!

So blessed to have had my producer friend Dave Draper to help me bring this song to life.


(from the album 'Always Near")

I remember my Mum ringing me back in '91, to tell me of a friend's accident in a gas explosion at his work. I wrote this song as a prayer for him - amazingly he came through unscarred! May it help you to pray for a miracle if you need one!